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Questions and Answers


Q.    Can I put a Sap-Raider on an evaporator that is not made by Sunrise Metal.

A.    Yes you can.   We need to know the dimension between the long an short sides of your flue pan.   With some evaporators we do have to fabricate a collar to create a seal between the  flue pan and Sap-Raider.

Q.   How tall is a Sap-Raider?

A.   All Sap-Raiders are 26″ tall plus they have a 1″ flange that descends into the flue pan.  Additionally you need a hood on the top of the Sap-Raider  A hood on a 30″ wide Sap-Raider will add 18″ of total height!.

Q. Do you have a picture to show Right and Left Side Drawoff?

Right and Left Draw Off on 2 x 8 Evaporator

Right and Left Draw Off on 2 x 8 Evaporator